1. The Bible:

We believe the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant,  Word of God.  (II Timothy 3:16, II Peter 1:1-23)  Preserved for English Speaking peoples through the King James Version.  

2.  The Godhead:

We believe in God, the supreme personal eternal being, the source and beginning of all things, absolute in His attributes existing in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit  (the Three in One - the Trinity).  With Jesus Being the representation of the Godhead bodily (Genesis 1:1-2, Psalms 53:1, Col. 2:9)

3.  Jesus Christ:

We believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the sinless life and vicarious death of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe in His bodily resurrection and his ascension.  We believe in His personal, eminent, premillenial return.  (Romans 9:5, Phil. 2:5-11, I Thess. 4:13-18, John 14:1-3)

4.  The Person of the Holy Spirit:

We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit and in His divine working to draw mankind to accept God's free gift of Salvation.  We believe that the believer is indwelt by the Holy Spirit upon recieving Salvation and that He empowers the believer for Spiritual growth and service.  (John 16:7-3, Acts 5:3-4)

5.  Man:

We believe that God created man in His own image and man, by his own personal choice, fell into sin and became spiritually dead in tresspasses and sin.  Therefore, every person is sinful by his very nature and already under the condemnation of a Holy God, and in need of a Saviour.  (Genesis 1:26-27, Romans 3:10,23)

6.  Salvation:

We believe that man is only Saved, or Born Again, by conciously trusting by Grace through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His atoning death, shed Blood, resurrection to pay our sin debt in full and secure Eternal Life for us in Heaven for Eternity. (John 3:16, Acts 16:30-31, Romans 10:13)

7.  The Security of the Believer:

We believe that those who have, by grace through faith, recieved the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour are Eternally Saved.  The security of the believer rests completely in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary.  (I John 5:11-13, John 10:28, John 6:37,I Peter 1:5)

8.  The Church:

We believe that the New Testament Church is a called out assembly of Baptized Believers practicing New Testament principles, holding forth it's Doctrines, observing it's ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, excercising autonomy, and proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to lost mankind locally and worldwide through missions.  (Matt. 16:16-18, Mark 16:15)

9.  Heaven and Hell:

We believe in the eternal blessedness of the saved in a literal Heaven and the eternal damnation of the lost in a literal hell fire, the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 21:4, Luke 16:19-31)

10.  Separation:

We believe in personal separation and ecclesiastical seperation of the saved from the sinful influences, practices, fashions and lusts of the world.  The believer is to look, act and talk in a Christ like manner, rather than the same as the lost unregenerate world, and as a result be a testimony that would point others to Christ and God's free Gift of Salvation.  It should also follow that steadfastness to Doctrine is to be practiced rather than compromising through ecumenism.  
(II Cor. 6:14-17, II Thes. 3:6, Rom. 12:1-2, Eph. 5:11, II John 9,10)

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